How the Right got it Wrong!

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So I have been very critical of Trump from the start. I have spent my life being analyzed and in turn analyzing behavior. Technically I teach Psychology at the high school and college level. I read psychology papers on behavior and political news. Some call me a junkie – yet my addiction is human personality and leadership.

Trump for me has always been a dangerous wild card. He shows every trait of a sociopath (so does Clinton) which guides me to understand why people are drawn to him.

In the primaries I referred to him as the modern Hitler and people bashed me as a traitor to the Republican Party. It is fair to the people that believe in Trump that they do not see what some others see – this is why dictator type of individual gets into power. The problem with Hitler was that people were angry, upset and seeking a way to defeat the world for the embarrassment of losing WW1.

America has created the same atmosphere in that it is angry too. It is angry that black people have been given the right of human, it is angry that women have been given a voice and it is angry that history has pointed out some of its past weaknesses. This anger does not subside quickly, even though it should. So the fighting continues within the social politics of right versus inhumane.

I have before and continue to say we need to move beyond the anger, and grow up, yet this election teaches me that many other people are not ready to do so. The Republican Party had a couple of good candidates to choose from, yet they opted for Trump. Considering some of the people I know who helped in nominating him – I stop to consider why. The argument that he is not establishment should not play loudly – as any quality leader knows the importance of understanding the system.

Yet – the media pushed this rhetoric that America needs a non-politico to run. Why? Why would the media have a hand in this? My answer is simple – the Tea Party brought along so much hate that it sold news. Then as the nation began to realize what the Tea Party really was – they lost opportunity and have become almost nil in the political world.

For the media to sell its story and for America to remain constantly turned on one another, bring along 10 Republicans who are similar and a few others (outsiders). Pump the others and push for an avenue where the people feel that insiders are corrupt while outsiders (who basically are part of the corrupt system) seem more electable. This is done purposefully so that the average person feels represented. Bring along one of the most corrupt people for whom the media already enjoys – Donald Trump. This man is so far from the norm that to make him worthy is nothing short of a media miracle.

The problem is that this is America the country, not America the game show. The people of this country are the same as any other nation, they are susceptible to influence. Furthering the problem is that the people of the Republican Party have chosen to believe in a man who in prior elections would have not been considered at all. The Democrats have for years been the party that allowed for human error and inconsistencies to be forgiven and worked to massage that person toward success, yet they never openly admitted a person without any moral virtue (Bill Clinton hid most all of his indiscretions from the general public). The Republican Party was the moral party and the party of family values. As a party it got attacked for being too stagnant, never changing and for the belief that God was their guide. They were the party who pushed the Bible to no end. Over the past 3 election cycles people argued that the approach from the Republicans needed to loosen as they kept fighting issues that were losing battles, yet they stood firm. I for one argued that the parties spent too much time fighting losing battles and to maintain the primary principles and leave the human issues alone.

The media that helped to create and escalate a Trump to known status has also allowed for what is going on in our country today. We have 2 people running for President. One of them has a checkered past involved in the spotlight of governance for 30 years, is a woman and has a problem understanding how email works. We can blame her for Benghazi – although only loosely, we can blame her for her cheating husband – although only loosely, we can blame her for voting for war – yet Republicans all agreed to this. So other than email, we can’t pin the tail on any of this Donkey.

Her opponent is the creation of the media. He is a bigot, a misogynist, a racist, liar and opportunist. He will do and say whatever comes to mind just to convince people they should vote for him, yet at each point he has no real values. He goes to Mexico and lies about a meeting involving building a wall – (folks the wall will not be built), he says openly he never wanted a war, then the truth arrived. He says that being him is the greatest thing ever: and that being President of America – he knows how to run a company and make American great again – even after bankrupting several companies, outsourcing jobs from this country, ignoring payment to employees, hiring illegals, taking money from others and not paying them back, not paying taxes and perhaps fondling women because he is famous. This rhetoric has created great media opportunity, yet leaves the world watching a country that is imploding from the inside. Not because of economic issues, but because of moral ones. The party of moral principle has allowed this man to succeed, in an era which should never be acceptable.

I actually heard on CNN a commentator defending Trump by saying “our president doesn’t have to be moral. He’s not the Pope”. Others have repeated the same. This is true – the President of America is not the pope – he is in fact far more powerful. He does not lead just one religious sect, he and perhaps she leads the entire world. For America is the wealthiest nation (GDP) and the one in which we learned in 2007 can cause the world to get the flu when we have a cold.

This past weekend audio recordings were released with Trump openly admitting that he gropes people and takes what he pleases.
Before you excuse this behavior because Bill Clinton did it. Bill Clinton was impeached by an irate Republican party. Anthony Weiner was removed by an irate Republican party for sharing his genitals online. Larry Craig was removed as a Republican – from congress for similar behavior, Mark Foley was removed for the same reason. Before people say to Trump that its ok, that is just locker room talk – would you raise your child accepting that sentiment.

In my house, neither of my children will be allowed to speak that way and as a parent if I learn it occurs, my child will apologies openly to a school or team for such crude behavior.

I am also raising a daughter and teach almost 200 women per year that the most powerful voice they have is their own. If we allow for such male behavior to be accepted, then my statements above are true, men are going to maintain the lowering of women to empower themselves.
Trump has openly stated every action he desires – and being allowed to sexually abuse half the planet is far from Presidential. People also say that Clinton will destroy America if elected – I respond with a very simple answer – we already know her politics and that she stands to fight for what she believes in. Whether it is marriage (she held the sanctity for better or worse), her country (Senator and Secretary of State) and quite frankly her consistency. Trump has upheld nothing that does not suit Trump – which is exactly the behavior of a Dictator, not the leader of the Free world.

I am not sure what 4 years with Clinton or Trump will bring, yet I am not willing to see how much frothing the media will earn by a Trump election or how embarrassed this nation will be by a Trump election. The past year has been embarrassing enough – so out of respect for the Party I have called mine – I will await the end of this election and expect the Republican party to willingly deconstruct and rebuild as a newer, stronger, more respectful party, that symbolizes less government, lower taxes and an increased focus on the human being.



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