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This is 2015 – Time to let go of a Fake History

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There seems to be an interesting situation occurring in the United States.
On 06/25/2015, the Supreme Court brought into law the ability for a man and a man to marry one another. The same ruling also allows for a woman and a woman to do the same
This is what confuses me. The United State of America, the most free nation in the world, the most advanced nation in the world and the wealthiest nation in the world has to have a major vote to allow people to marry.

The arguments for why these people cannot marry are strictly based in religion. Which is interesting to me, since religion had nothing to do with marriage until the Protestant Reformation. Prior to this time period (approximately 16th century) the desire to marry can best be seen by reading pride and prejudice. The art of offering a daughter to a family for wealth, riches or status. There are several books written on this topic, I would like to suggest every person questioning this marriage decision (including the 4 judges of the Supreme Court) read “Marriage a History” and “Public Vows”. Both of these are books that outline through academic work the truth of marriage.

So having shared all of that, I stopped and thought about the history of the United States. Many feel as if the Founding fathers created a document that considers health care, marriage and even morality. The truth is they did not.
They created a document that made sense to them in 1776 which they felt over the next century could hold up. The Founding fathers never thought of healthcare, marriage or even morality as these topics were handled easily enough with a small population.

Keep in mind, the Founding father created a document which reads: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
A) All Men – signifies white men. This later changed to allow for black men and even later than that, all women. The United States has tip toed into each area of humanity, since it was designed to be served by and for white men alone. This is the way it was in Europe at the time, which is why people who decry the United States racist are not reviewing World History.

  1. B) The Constitution is meant to be interpreted without prejudice and with and understand for humanity, by humanity and with a humanitarian mindset. This document was developed by people who studied more philosophy (founding fathers) than they did politics. These people developed a document that allows for a humanitarian option when one was not viable. They had just been given freedom from a dictator of sorts.
  2. C) The United Stated agreed to sign the Declaration of Human rights after World War 2 (1948) in which we agreed as a nation to abide by. Interestingly enough, the document does not say anywhere that people cannot marry, rather it says that people are free to marry whomever they so choose.

I have read comments from future Presidential hopefuls who I am more than sure have a homosexual person in their family. I have read comments from angry people who want to condemn homosexuals. These people do so in the name of God. This leaves me curious for several reasons. 1) God is Perfect, therefore if he/she makes a homosexual then is that person not perfect in the eyes of God.
2) God is forgiving, therefore who are people to make judgements for God? 3) If people could just choose to give up being targeted, abused or hated don’t we think as a society they would. Genetics are biology and from what I have read and deduced, being homosexual if genetic, which means to me, God created it and that person is just as perfect as I am.
4) All religions are supposed to be loving, caring and respectful – those of you that are spewing anger over this decision, which allows for homosexuals the same rights that heterosexuals have (Amendment 14 duh!) don’t you think God would be angry with you choosing to be hateful?

There are so many ways to make this debate and decision a positive one, it is time for the people who are afraid of social change to allow themselves a chance to grow. You are people who follow a church that needs to open its doors to people of all creeds and you are part of the problem within this nation, not the solution. I ask each of you to go to social media today, apologies for who you have been and to accept that hetero/homo sexual are people and they all now share the same rights – the ability to live happily or unhappily ever after.